Wendy Thomas

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Wendy Thomas
Sr. Vice President of Business and Product Strategy
Wendy Thomas is the Senior Vice President of Business and Product Strategy for Secureworks. Wendy first joined Secureworks in 2008 as the Vice President of Finance and continued in this role until the company’s acquisition by Dell in 2011. Wendy rejoined Secureworks in 2015 as the Vice President of Finance, and she was instrumental in taking Secureworks public. Wendy has over 27 years experience in strategic and financial business planning. Previously, Wendy served as Vice President of Finance for First Data and Chief Financial Officer for Bridgevine, Inc. Wendy is active in her role as a Board Member for Dad’s Garage, a non-profit theatre company in Atlanta. Wendy is a graduate of the University of Virginia and the Darla Moore School of Business.

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