Jeffrey Longoria

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Jeffrey Longoria
Senior Vice President, North America Sales

Jeffrey Longoria, Senior Vice President of Sales, and leads the North America sales organization.  Longoria joined SecureWorks in 2010 as Vice President of global channels and negotiated an alliance agreement with Dell that ultimately led to the acquisition of SecureWorks by Dell in 2011.  From 2012 – 2016, Longoria was based in London and served as the General Manager of the EMEA business.  Prior to joining SecureWorks, Longoria served as an executive for numerous technology companies that included CDC Corporation, a CRM and ERP software firm focused on Microsoft and SAP technology.  In addition, he was a co-founder of ProAmerica, an IBM distributor of midrange UNIX systems and Connect-Care, an enterprise CRM software solutions company.  Longoria is known for achieving aggressive growth targets, scalable business processes and excellent client satisfaction. Longoria earned a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from the University of North Texas.

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