Investor FAQs

What does Secureworks do?
When does Secureworks’s fiscal year end?
Who sits on Secureworks’s board of directors?
Who is on Secureworks’s management team?
Where can I find Corporate Governance Materials?
Where is Secureworks’s corporate headquarters?
Which stock exchange is Secureworks traded on and what is the company's ticker symbol?
When did Secureworks go public?
When will earnings be announced?
How can I obtain Secureworks’s SEC filings?
Does Secureworks pay a cash dividend?
Who do I contact for information regarding my stockholder account? Who is Secureworks’s transfer agent?
Does the company have a direct purchase plan for its common stock?
Who are Secureworks’s independent accountants?
How can I get added to Secureworks’s mailing list?
Who can I contact for other investor relations questions?
What is the relationship with Dell?
Who do I contact for another question not listed here?


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